What is Behind The “We Want Phil” Chant In LA

LA Lakers former coach Phil Jackson’s name was chanted after the final season game played by the Lakers on April 27th, 2013.  The crowd was chanting “We Want Phil” over and over after the game.  Phil Jackson was the head coach for the Lakers for many years and was thought to be the front-runner for the job earlier this season.  He was passed up for Mike D’Antoni and the fans have blamed D’Antoni for one of the worst seasons in Laker history.

Laker fans and players loved and adored Phil Jackson. This was not the first time a chant like this was started to bring back Phil.  His name was chanted in the same manner, “We Want Phil” at Shaquille O’Neil’s retirement ceremony.

Phil Jackson has had 11 championship wins as a head coach and 2 as a player.  Phil has won five championships with the Lakers in his 10 year stretch as their coach from 2000-2010. As upsetting as it is for Mike D’Antoni to hear the “We Want Phil” chant, he does understand.  He hopes to have a better season next year and hopes the fans will appreciate him for his efforts next year.

Jacksons nickname, the “Zen Master”, was given to him for his holistic approach to coaching which he learned from a book that he cited as his guide.  The books title is “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”.

We-Want-PhilIn 2007 Phil Jackson was inducted into the National Basketball Association’s hall of fame. It was special in part to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the NBA’s hall of fame, so it was a great honor and accomplishment for Phil to get inducted during that year.

Phil Jackson, a former NBA player himself, knows the game well and has been a respected player and coach for his entire career.  His players look up to him and call on him for advice with their lives and their game play.

The next time you hear a chant in LA that sounds like “We Want Phil” you will know why. Join the crowd in that chant!  Maybe next year the Lakers will do the right thing and hire Phil Jackson again as their coach.  The fans already feel that would be the best move.  NBA team owners should listen to their fans and do the right thing this time.